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December 30, 2010 / mel

Kitchen Update

Although it was a bit of a hassle in the end, the big floor show came and went this fall. There’s a long and rambling story (of course), and I may recount it in full over at homegirlstyle, but I haven’t decided yet.

This is how things looked the morning the floor was going to be taken out. At this point we had moved everything into the dining room, including the fridge, and things seriously started to look like an episode of “Hoarders.” Anyway. Just look at how ugly that floor is!

But the end result is fantastic—I love the Alice and Wonderland feel to the kitchen, and the floor just works with those orange walls…which also got a fresh coat in the process.

Repainting the cabinets is the next task, maybe new countertops, and definitely a new sink and faucet. We don’t really need a new range or dishwasher at the moment, so we’ll replace those as we go, or if we find a particularly good deal. Just because we don’t need it yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking for a new stainless-steel gas range. Can’t hurt!

But I’m really glad we got this project out of the way. It was long-overdue on the list.

August 19, 2010 / mel

Hell’s Kitchen

No, I’m not talking about the Manhattan neighborhood over by the Hudson, nor am I talking about the reality show where Gordon Ramsey calls a bunch of wannabe chefs “donkeys” while repeatedly telling them to “fuck off.” No, my own personal Hell’s Kitchen is just on the other side of my office wall, inside my house.

We bought this house four years ago, and about a year in I started working on the kitchen. I steamed loads of wallpaper off the walls, I sanded them and painted them a lovely shade of orange (Sherwin-Williams’ Mandarin, if you must know). I repainted the dark cabinets a bright white and swapped out the old antique bronze hardware for polished nickel. Then, about a year-and-a-half ago, I started the journey to a new floor.

And this journey led me straight to Hell.

The existing floor is a completely awful faux-brick vinyl. In its place I wanted a black-and-white checkerboard tile. I found the tile at Home Depot and priced everything, and set an appointment to have everything measured and quoted. This took long enough. I met with the flooring girl at the store. The flooring contractor came out to look at the kitchen. First I was told I had two layers of linoleum and the tile couldn’t be laid on top, the existing linoleum would have to come up. Fair enough. Oh, but because the house was built in 1952, there might be asbestos under at least the very first layer of flooring. In the glue. Awesome.

Then the water heater exploded and had to be replaced. And some other shit broke. So the floor was put on the back burner. Last winter we took out the cabinets around the twee little fridge that came with the house in order to make room for a new fridge that was made in this century. This is what we were welcomed with:

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July 22, 2010 / mel

The Long and Winding Road (Part One)

July 15, 2010 / mel

Can’t Leave Rap Alone The Game Needs Me

So a couple of years ago when I was both professionally and personally in a creative (and otherwise) funk, I started my blog homegirl as a place to write about my house, and all the projects on the long to-do list, and all the design details that went along with them. But I never really knew where I was going with it, despite having a decent (at least to me) number of visitors to the site. Then almost a year ago, when shit was really sad, I was lucky enough to be invited by Twitter pal Shira Abel to write for her design blog Tchochkes. She totally picked me up and let me write for a huge audience, for which I am insanely grateful. I was inspired to write even more, something I really missed. Also? Shira’s a marketing genius, has excellent taste in music and lives in Israel. Which I think is so cool. I love the Web!

Anyway. Then earlier this year an incredible opportunity came out of no where, completely by chance. And I went for it. And despite the fact that I knew I was The Most Perfect Person For The Job, and despite two great interviews, I was just sure I’d be overlooked. Thanks, low self esteem.
But I wasn’t. For the past three months I’ve been readjusting to being back in a hyper-creative environment in an industry I love, one that I was unsure I would ever be a part of again unless we packed up and moved to a bigger city. I am so fucking thrilled.

I never expected to make it big as a design blogger, but for some reason I felt like I couldn’t write about anything else over at homegirl. So I decided to relocate to this little spot I’ve had parked for ages and make it into a place to write about everything, not just what’s going on with the house projects (of which there are many), but also what’s going on in my little world. And even though I’ve been slacking a bit (because now I don’t have a boring job where I can blog at work), I’m still writing (almost) weekly at Tchochkes.

So welcome. Come for the musings and videos of dogs and concerts, stay for the bitching and sarcasm.